Anniversaries and weddings

Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are important events that we like to celebrate with decorum and conviviality with our loved ones. The interior of the manor is suitable for parties with up to 50 guests. A beautiful fir tree sets the holiday mood on the veranda at Christmas time.

You are welcome to use the entire ground floor of the manor, including the cloakroom, toilets, library, halls, veranda and the kitchen of the manor. Hosts can prepare for the event on the first floor of the manor. You can park comfortably on the fenced premises of the manor and enjoy fresh air on walks in the garden and by the seaside.

Ruum plans

Soovi ja vajaduse korral saab peopaiga luua mõisaaeda peotelgi või paviljoni näol, kus pole piiranguid külaliste arvule.


We will be happy to help you choose a caterer and, if you wish, also help you with the overall organisation of catering. We have excellent cooperation with catering companies Caviar, Nordic, Tervise, Põhjala and Ribe.


1,100 to 3,300 euros, depending on the format of the event, number of participants, time and other aspects. Please contact us for a personal offer.


Kõltsu Manor is in Laulasmaa, in Keila municipality in Harju County in Estonia’s capital region. When you are coming from Tallinn along Rannamõisa tee, the manor is 2 km past Laulasmaa School on the right. If you are coming from Tallinn via Keila on Paldiski maantee, turn right after driving 35 kilometres and drive on 2 km toward Laulasmaa. Kõltsu manor will be on your left.

Kõltsu Mõis

Keila vald, 76702 Harju County, Estonia
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